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제 목   The landscape of Sousse
On the eastern coast of Tunisia, two hours from the capital Tunis lies Sousse, "the pearl of the Sahel" . The mildness of its climate, its calm and beautiful coast and the hospitality of its people have long captivated those who came to conquer. Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs settled in this lovely "fertile city" each leaving their imprint and heritage. No wonder modern day visitors from all over the world find themselves at home and return again and again.

The resort area of Sousse is perfectly integrated into the city and the visitor welcomed to participate in its exuberance. Proud of its heritage, museums and monuments are accessible and opened with pleasure to its guests and the Medina with its tiny colorful shops overflowing with silver jewelry, pure wool blankets, copper and carpets bustle with activity under the towering walls of the ribat.

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   The landscape of Sousse   이승호    2008/09/19  383
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