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    This Photos are taken in person if not, it will be noticed where they come from but it's very few cases.
    We welcome you to educational use but you should get the permission in advance when you present and print out them.
    We update once or twice a month. If the time is important, they will be on "The latest photos".

         Classified by climate factors : Wind, Snow, Rainfall(precipitation), Cloud, Etc,.


         Classified by regions : Han-river / Im-jin river / An-sung stream area, Geum river / Sapkyo stream area, Man-kyung river / Dong-jin river area,

                                           Sum-jin river / Young-san river area, Nak-dong river / Hyung-san river area, East coast 2nd, Jeju island, Ulleung island 2nd,

                                           Tae-baek mountainous area, So-baek mountainous area


         Classified by country : Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Western Europe,

                                            Uzbekistan, China(Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou), West area of China(Silk road), Cambodia(The life and images, nature and remains),