Silk Road(west area of China) ::::


    This is Story about Silk Road journey which is west area of China, from 23th June to first July, 2007. It is a just story not great one.

    This is just for showing you the pictures. But if there are just pictures, it seems so empty. So, I wrote something like a diary.

    So there is no title, It is ordered by the time and date. It has to be needed more time to find good titles, it might be long after my journey.

    I just want to write what I feel from there not after long time but, right after with my memory.

    There are a few photos without indication, they are from Prof. Hyuk-Jae Kwon.

    If you want to see just photos of Silk road, click "pics of Silk road" on bottom. On "7 days on Silk road", you can see our face!